This is what I help you with!

Hi, I am Ulrike.

I was successful, but I was never happy with myself. I was one of these busy working bees who do a great job, but I was never confident enough to sell my own successes.

I was tuning them down and tuning down myself – all the time. Finding what was not perfect enough. Feeling that others were better, cooler, smarter. That I had to play a role to please, that my true self was just not good enough. I tried to please my parents, then my friends and later my colleagues and bosses.

The only person I never tried to please was myself!

I knew that I had to change something substantial.

I started to go on a quest to find my true self and a solution to break free from whatever chains were holding me back. I connected my mind to my body and vice versa. Suddenly I was able to become aware of my fears and what they are doing with me. I got in sync with my emotions and empowered myself to steer my actions from the inside instead of hammering good intentions into my head that I would never act upon. Today, I know how to align my inner power to achieve the brightest dreams that I set myself.

It changed my life.

Do you know that feeling?

When you know that you want to change - but somehow you cannot take action...

Most of us have grown up with the idea that our conscious mind is in control and that we take action based on rational arguments and willpower. Science has shown that reality turns out to be rather the opposite: No matter how rational we think we are, our emotions trigger the actions we take.

When these emotions are intense – like jealousy or anger – we are aware of them provoking our actions. But most of these emotions are subtle. They are permanently operating in the background without us consciously realizing what is going on.

Why is this so important to understand?

Because the sum of our actions ultimately shapes our lives.

Therefore, the way how you handle your emotions enables or disenables you to reach your brightest dreams. By becoming aware and taking control of your emotions, you can take back control of your actions and give yourself the means to achieve your most ambitious goals.

In my trainings, I guide you through opening up the door to access and make the best use of the hidden world of your emotions by activating the connection between body and mind in a compelling and highly effective way.

All with one goal: Taking over control of your life to achieve anything you want to!