Authentic Leadership Academy


➡️  Improve from “within” instead of just learning a bunch of new skills
➡️  Stand out from the crowd and lead with natural charisma
➡️  Benefit from the same advanced coaching techniques that the most highly
paid business people use in their personal coaching

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Become yourself to become a leader

Authentic leaders have integrity and are usually the first to embrace change and set an example for others.

Do you want to become a visionary who has the courage to go against the flow to do what is best for your business because it is really in your heart?

Engaging in authentic leadership helps to inspire and communicate messages in a sustainable and authentic way, to build credibility and trust. It revolves around a single goal: to be oneself.

This may sound simple, but some people believe that they should adopt a specific behavior at work, which sometimes does not lead to the best results. When leaders act like someone they are not, they risk losing the respect of their employees.

My program tackles this subject in a new way. It clarifies and reinforces the part of us responsible for leadership, within the inner self. You will recognize and dispel internal blockages and obstacles and mobilize and align your individual resources.

Knowing the challenges that leaders in senior positions face every day from her own experience Ulrike is combining her learnings with certified coaching and training methodologies to empower you to adopt behaviors that drive performance and happiness at the same time.

An exclusive 6-months training and mentoring program

Total one time cost: USD 8.900

Who is this program for?

How can I participate?

There is a limited number of places for the Authentic Leadership Academy to guarantee that every attendee gets adequate attention and time from Ulrike.
We therefore ask you to send us the application form if you are interested in participating. Filling out this form does not commit you in any way to participate. It is the first step to find out together whether the Authentic Leadership Academy is the right tool for you to raise your profile as a leader.
Ulrike will then get in contact with you to have a discussion about your expectations. During this Zoom call you will have the opportunity to get answers to all your questions and a concrete picture of the benefit of this program for you personally.


Fill out the application and talk to ulrike

The application does not commit you to anything. You will have a call with Ulrike to get all your questions answered from your individual point of view.

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Filling out this form does not commit you in any way to participate.