The deep mental Re-Programming Course for


from self-doubt to unshakeable self-confidence

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⬆️ In this video I give insights into my high-intensity training course that enables you to move from self-doubt to self-love and determination. Detach yourself from external expectations, learn to believe in your own value and to face any challenge that comes your way!

This is what you get in this course


minutes of intense course material


highly effective body-mind exercises 



+ 1 mental daily workout


minutes personal coaching session with Ulrike

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⬆️ Learn how you can dramatically transform yourself and your life. This first lesson takes 41 minutes, make sure to have enough time and a quiet place to enjoy it!

See what lessons are included in the full training course:

Learn how to reshape your inner dialogue and kick-start your engine to develop a new you!
Identify your underlying structures of self-confidence and mobilize your most powerful inner driver!
Detach yourself from external expectations and take the conscious decision for a new behavior!
Significantly foster experiences of strength and diminish the impact of difficult situations!
Transform fear and anxiety into opportunities for personal growth!
Change past experiences to enable a promising future where self-confidence is a given!
Empower yourself to face any challenging situation that comes your way!
Develop your personal plan to become brave and deeply embed all the learnings of this course in one final exercise!

End your self-doubts. Become unshakeable.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to feel great about yourself no matter what you do?


What if you could believe in yourself and achieve things you were so far only dreaming of?


This highly effective e-course is based on a certified Swiss methodology to empower you to:


  • Face any challenging situation that comes your way!
  • Detach yourself from external expectations and stand up for what you really want!
  • Firmly believe in your own value and enable yourself to claim it!
  • Step out of your comfort zone with ease and do what you always wanted to do!

You will be creating access to deeply rooted unconscious patterns, and reducing blockages and unwanted behaviors.

But that’s not all. Most importantly you will connect and mobilize your personal powerful inner resources!


And believe me, you have loads of them…


As I know it’s not easy to do it all by yourself I include 2x 30 minutes of 1:1 coaching via Zoom with me. You can use this time before, after or in the middle of the e-course.


Take you life in your own hands and move on at your own pace!

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Take action! Move from self-doubt to unshakeable determination!

Start your journey towards your self-confident new you now!

A course full of highly effective exercises to change your inner programming.

Are you tired of consuming motivation and inspiration but not seeing a change in your level of self-confidence? In this e-course you will be creating access to deeply rooted models, blockages, fears, and unwanted behaviors to resolve them step by step.


But that’s not all. Most importantly you will connect to and mobilize your personal powerful inner resources!


And believe me, you have loads of them …

  • … your feeling of self-doubt or a sense of inferiority hinder you to do what you actually want to
  • … you want to get past your inner critic and negative thought patterns that are holding you back
  • … you want to overcome embedded anxieties about not living up to the expectations of other people
  • … you want to dramatically decrease the influence of your most deeply embedded fears
  • … you want a program that is not about wishful thinking, but about action and exercises with immediate positive effect

In other words, if you finally want to feel strong and great about yourself!

  • … are looking for a program to listen to and getting ideas only
  • … are not ready to invest 8-10 hours of your time to improve how you feel about yourself
  • … prefer to stay where you are and accept this way of feeling