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Learn the foundations of changing your life for the better

SHINE - Step out of your shadow

How can I transform my life into something I can truly be happy with? How can I reveil my authentic self and unleash my full potential ?

Ulrike’s book provides you with a compelling step-by-step approach to do deep emotional work to help you discover patterns and behaviors you might want to change. You will learn new tools to release your unique potential, overcome your fears, and set yourself a compelling and exciting vision of your future.

⬅️ Available as paperback in English and in French language

Most of try to implement changes directly in our life environment – by changing our apartment, our job, or even our relationship – hoping that it will work out next time. Or we try to implement behavioral changes by sheer willpower – when we aim to start going to the gym or to stop smoking. However, most of the time we can only watch how old habits take over quickly again…

For sustainable change to be made,  we need to motivate higher areas of our inner self. Ulrike calls this process “Stepping out of our shadow” as by focusing on these higher areas we activate the intrinsic motivation we need to shape and access to the life we are aspiring to. 

Many people are blaming their life environment for being unhappy. They feel they are victims of circumstances and of actions of others. Some people never get past that. But you can. A proper evaluation of your strengths, values, identiy, and life purpose is crucial to shape your life in a way that makes you happy in the long run.

Get inspired by Ulrike’s book and climb up the steps to get an inspiring view on yourself and on how your life can unfold.