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I cordially welcome you to your Money e-course and congratulate you for opening the door to a life of abundance!

In this e-Course, you will intensively work on your beliefs and inner wiring regarding money and riches. Researchers refer to beliefs about money as money scripts. Like lines being read by an actor, money scripts are firmly held beliefs we recite to ourselves inwardly.

They typically lie outside our conscious awareness and are passed on to us by our parents and grandparents. We arrive at them by observing how those around us talk about money, hearing their opinions about the rich and the poor, and watching their financial behaviors.

By increasing your awareness of your beliefs about money you can make sense of your emotions and detect actions of financial self-sabotage which you were taking without realizing it so far.

At the end of this course you will know that:

you can achieve anything because the only limits are the ones that YOU allow to be in your life.

You will tackle your beliefs by participating in highly efficient body-mind processes that are based on a certified methodology developed in Switzerland to access the subconscious world of your emotions and inner triggers. Any action you take is provoked by emotion. And the sum of your actions ultimately shapes your life. 

Module by module you will build your personal set of tools that reshape your inner programming. Like a puzzle that comes together you will tackle all important areas that today make up your relationship with money. 

You will discover 3 levels of complexity throughout the course:

LEVEL 1 … is similar to meditation or online hypnosis. During these exercises, you will sit on a chair and listen to my voice your eyes closed.

LEVEL 2 … is more complex: Here you will stand and you will mentally AND physically navigate between anchors that you will put in the form of paper sheets on the ground. These paper anchors represent parts of your inner world, such as feelings, beliefs, or your proper ego. Standing and making one or two steps from time to time will enable you to change your perspective and discover inner truths you were not aware of before.

LEVEL 3 … is the most complex level and I use it only for few processes during the e-course: The process works like a role play where you will take on different roles. You will switch mentally AND physically between being yourself, and between “being” specific elements of your inner self. If you have never done something like this, this will be a surprising experience. I recommend you to potentially preview modules marked with level 3 before actually doing them to understand what will happen with you.

Let yourself be surprised by these amazing tools that bring your deepest personal truths to the surface. Truths you have not been aware of so far.


  • Make sure that you have the time you need to participate during the whole length of the video and add on around 15 minutes as you might want to pause the video to reflect on specific questions. The length of the individual modules varies from less than 30 minutes to up to one hour. This is due to the type of process used in the module and has nothing to do with its effectiveness.
  • Make sure that no one disturbs you during the duration of each module
  • For level 2 and 3 modules you need to be in a room where you can make several steps into one direction. So please remove furniture for the time of the exercise accordingly.
  • You will find a list of materials on each module page. Please prepare these accordingly.
  • Download and/or print the worksheet of each module (there is only one workbook for modules 4-7 as they hang closely together) and fill it out to record your findings. You will need them in the last module!

One last thing before you start: Please internally commit NOW to opening up for this very special experience. If you are ready to dig deeper into yourself, your subconscious will give you all the information you need.

So, that’s what you need to know before starting your very unique journey. I see you in your first moduleSucc

Your daily mental workout

Increase the effectiveness of this course by listening regularly, or even daily, to this guided meditation.

Just as your body can learn new movements through practice, you can also train your brain for new thought processes and thus further embed what you learn in this course.

Make yourself comfortable on a chair, make sure you are not disturbed and listen to this 25-minutes audio track: