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Hi and a warm welcome!

I am Ulrike Seminati and I am on my mission to empowering female leaders to express their authentic leadership style by feeling strong from within, aware of their full set of unique competencies and mentally ready to take on any challenge that comes their way.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be recognized and to feel great about yourself no matter what you do?

And what if you could become a charismatic and inspirational leader that everybody loves to follow?

On this website, you find highly effective yet affordable self-development tools. Check out my online courses for at home use, take a quantum leap and apply for the female leadership academy, or book a quick call with me to speak about a tailor-made solution fitting to your needs and budget.

Whatever your choice is: All of my programs are using the most advanced coaching techniques developed in Switzerland (that’s where I was trained in them). They go far beyond the theory and right down to the root causes.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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Empower yourself to achieve the ultimate vision of your career, success, and relationships.

Get on a journey to your subconscious core to recognize and substantially diminish internal blockages, obstacles or fears. By dissolving obstructive past experiences, a promising future takes shape.

The best time to make a change is right now.  You’ll never feel ready. That’s the secret to change. Don’t prepare. Don’t wait for the right moment. Just go.

Book Ulrike for a Keynote Speech

Ulrike is combining her experience as a C-level executive with certified coaching and training methodologies from Switzerland to bring people potential to another level. 

Her speeches are an inspirational journey to  give people the keys to step into their power and to learn to  lead and inspire others with charisma and authenticity. 

For companies

Great leaders lead with authenticity and successfully embody the purpose and goals of their company. They need a fundamental understanding that their role is to grow their people and to do everything possible to support, encourage, and coach them to leverage their full potential.

Knowing the challenges that leaders in senior positions face every day from her own experience, Ulrike’s programs tackle this subject in a new way. 

They clarify and reinforce the part of the person responsible for leadership within the inner self. Internal blockages, obstacles, or fears are recognized and dispelled by the participant, and available forces are gathered and aligned. By dissolving obstructive past experiences, a promising future takes shape.

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