The intense mental Re-Programming Course for


reprogram your inner self to infinite wealth

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⬆️ In this video I unveil my high-intensity course to rewire your brain to become a money magnet. Join the course to get a 100% positive relationship with money and open the door to the financial freedom you are dreaming of!

This is what you get in this course


minutes of intense course material


highly effective body-mind exercises



+ 1 mental daily workout


minutes personal coaching session with Ulrike

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⬆️ Learn how you can dramatically transform your relationship with money and create the wealthy life of your dreams. This first lesson takes 46 minutes, make sure to have enough time and a quiet place to enjoy it!

See what lessons are included in the full training course:

Tune into the feelings, emotions and the way you show up once you have it all!

Project forward and create memories of a promising future that is beyond your current expectations! 

Overcome resistance and turn self-sabotaging thoughts into fuel for wealth!

Find out what is truly standing in your way!

Get rid of inherited self-sabotaging beliefs once and for all, and access to your higher self!

Finally step out of the easy-come-easy-go paradigm and allow yourself to accumulate the riches you are dreaming of!

Give yourself the moral empowerment to create the life of abundance that you deserve!

Materialize your wealthy life in a concrete action plan that is working not just on paper but from your inside out!

Deeply embed all the learnings of this course and align your whole inner self to a wealthy life!

transform yourself into a money-magnet.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be financially free and able to do with your life what you want?

What if you could attract the riches you were so far only dreaming of (and keep them)?

This highly effective e-course is based on a certified Swiss methodology to empower you to:

  • Run your mind in a way that money flows naturally to you!
  • Knock down the wall between you and the riches you are dreaming of!
  • Have a healthy and 100% positive relationship with money!
  • Achieve financial freedom while doing what you enjoy!

You will be creating access to deeply rooted unconscious patterns, and remove negative beliefs and unwanted behaviors.

But that’s not all. Most importantly you will start your own inner wealth engine and open the door to the life you are dreaming of!


Because … you deserve it!


As I know it’s not easy to do it all by yourself I include 2x 30 minutes of 1:1 coaching via Zoom with me. You can use this time before, after or in the middle of the e-course.


Take you life in your own hands and move on at your own pace!

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Take action! reprogram your mind and create infinite wealth!

Start your journey towards your wealthy life now!

A course full of highly effective exercises to reprogram your inner self for riches!

Are you tired of consuming motivation and inspiration but not seeing the change in your life that you are dreaming of?


In this e-course you will be creating access to deeply rooted subconscious patterns, blockages and beliefs and resolve them step by step.


But that’s not all. Most importantly you will connect to and mobilize your personal powerful inner engine towards that will propulse you to the riches you are dreaming of!

  • …you are tired of hearing about the incredible wealth of other people, while you’re feel stuck on the sidelines
  • …you want to attract money effortlessly and permanently remove previous barriers to wealth
  • …you want to enhance existing opportunities and create tons of new and exciting ones
  • …are willing to work on your deep-rooted belief system to enable yourself to become rich
  • …you want a program that is not about wishful thinking, but about action and exercises with immediate positive effect

In other words, if you finally want to become a money magnet!

  • …are looking for a program to just listen to and getting ideas only
  • …are not ready to invest 8-10 hours of your time to change your relationship with money
  • …prefer to stay where you are without opening the door to a life of abundance