A very warm welcome

to your self-development training!

I am delighted to have you on board of an immersive journey to the subconscious world of your emotions, beliefs, and inner triggers.


The very fact that you’ve signed up for this course tells me that you are truly committed to experience breakthrough transformations bound to propel your inner self to a higher level.

To access your training course, just click here and enter  your Email address, Name and Password. If you have any problems please email us to  contact@ulrikeseminati.com

What you will find in your training space

Getting started

1) Commit to taking action and to do deep reflections

This program is highly effective if you execute it carefully. I know how difficult it is to find the time on days with a busy agenda. To help you to rearrange your priorities accordingly, I invite you to internalize and sign the attached commitment with yourself ⬇️ before you start with the course. By committing in writing, you increase your receptiveness and your willingness to follow the course until the end – because only through your committed participation, are you able to make a choice and change your life.
Are you ready to have a new vision and version of yourself? Download your self-commitment here ⬇️.

2) Make sure you understand how it works

Carefully watch the video and read the introductory text that you will find upfront in your course space. You will discover different levels of complexity for each module and it is good if you are aware of what’s coming up before you emerge yourself into the exercises.

3) Prepare what you need before starting with each module

Sometimes you have to stand and need a little bit of space around you, sometimes you can just stay on a chair and lay back. You will find what exactly is needed described under each video module. Make sure you prepare what you need before starting with the module to have a smooth experience.

4) Intensify your development

Join others to intensify your development and become part of my Facebook group. By sharing insights and creating bonds, we grow in ways we never could alone. Introduce yourself and meet other people with similar ambitions and challenges. Share your ongoing breakthroughs, insights, and struggles any time.

I guess you are impatient to start now!

See you on the inside!


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